Wide Mouth Mason

WMMq&a: How did Wide Mouth Mason become Wide Mouth Mason?


Recently, Shaun Verreault of Wide Mouth Mason talked about how the band’s name has led to the knowledge that a lot more people than he’d thought took vintage jars and preserving fairly seriously. Which caused us to realise that perhaps there are new fans to Wide Mouth Mason who may ponder this question: “How did Wide Mouth Mason become Wide Mouth Mason?”

Safwan’s answer:

“We were a cover band playing mostly small town gigs. Blues musicians began to dominate our hours of rural drives, & heavily influence our original music, which we’d increasingly sneak into our sets as we gained experience.

Our early agents had suggested (and booked us under) various antiquated names that we mostly hated – like “Some Kind Of Ruckus”.

One night, between sets at a particularly seedy bar, we were having drinks from mason jars (the bar’s preferred delivery receptacle). I looked down at the raised words “wide mouth mason” on the side of my jar, & mentioned to Shaun that it reminded me of Clarence “Gate-mouth” Brown. By the end of that night’s last set, we were Wide Mouth Mason.”

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